Are All Trucking Companies the Same?

In case you’re new to the industry, there are a lot of trucking jobs available. Current estimates put the truck driver shortage at about 60,000, though that number could double (if not triple) in just a few years.  

With such a great need, salaries and bonuses being offered to new drivers continue to rise. Meanwhile, many people are working to make it even easier to become truck drivers.  

Now is a great time to begin a career as a truck driver. But does that mean you should take the first trucking job that comes your way? Are all trucking companies essentially the same? 

The answer is no.  

Like any other industry, trucking companies can vary greatly in what they provide, what they expect, what they value, and what they have to offer employees. 

For starters, the type of loads you’re hauling can vary from company to company. This has more of a bearing than you might realize. For example, the types of trailers truckers work with include dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, food delivery, and more. 

Each of these comes with its own unique responsibilities and challenges. Tankers and flatbeds specifically can pose additional risk and may require added certification or experience. It’s a good idea to get a better understanding of the different trailer types so you can figure out which you think you’d be best suited for. 

Pay and Benefits 

Though many trucking companies are paying competitively while offering generous benefits and incentives, not all of them are. That’s why you shouldn’t take the first job you come across. Instead, you should reach out to a few places and see what they’re offering so you can compare.  

You also shouldn’t undervalue benefits. Healthcare, 401k, and paid time off can add up to pretty significant amounts. With today’s need for drivers, if a company isn’t offering competitive rates and quality benefits, you should look elsewhere. 

Consistency of Mileage 

Payment doesn’t mean much if you’re not getting consistent mileage. While some companies offer consistent routes and mileage week after week, others work in bursts, offering a full schedule one week and sparse mileage the next. 

Make sure that you’ll be receiving the miles that you need. 

Home Time 

There’s a common belief that truck driving involves being away from home night after night for long periods of time. While this can be the case for some trucking jobs, it’s not true for all of them. If you’re okay with being gone for longer periods of time, then you don’t have to worry about this. 

If you value being at home with friends and family, however, you’ll want to look for a job that guarantees quality home time. 

What Makes Woodruff Enterprises Different? 

At Woodruff Enterprises, we like to consider ourselves a little different from the typical idea of a trucking company. First and foremost, we don’t see our drivers as a number that we send out into the world.  

We maintain a family atmosphere, which means we value all of our employees as a person. Because of that, we place a special emphasis on quality home time and paid time off. Most of our drivers maintain recurring routes that give them consistent schedules with no more than one night away at a time. 

Additionally, most of our operation is within a 500-mile radius, so you’ll never be too far from home. 

On top of that, we offer competitive pay, new equipment, no touch freight, performance incentives, and more. If you’re looking for trucking driving jobs in Charlotte, Springfield, Chicago, or Baltimore, contact Woodruff Enterprises today! 

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