Why Consistent Mileage Matters

With all of the trucking jobs available in today’s market, you don’t just want to pick the first one that pops up. You should weigh your options and measure different possibilities by certain criteria. Most drivers know to look for payrate, PTO, performance incentives, and quality home time. 

But newer drivers might not know just how important it is that consistent mileage is guaranteed. 

Knowing your pay rate is great, but the payrate doesn’t mean much if the consistent mileage isn’t there. Most trucking jobs are going to pay you per mile. Without consistent miles, it can be very difficult to gauge how much money you’ll be making in the weeks to come.  

One week, you might get plenty of miles, hitting your personal financial goals and more. The next week, however, you may find yourself coming up short. For those who are trying to make a good living off truck driving, this can be frustrating. 

You might assume that’s just part of how truck driving is, but the truth is, it doesn’t have to be. 

Is Truck Driving Seasonal? 

Some people will tell you that truck driving has busy seasons and slow seasons. This isn’t necessarily untrue. The truth is, it depends. Certain sectors of transportation do get considerably busier from fall to the end of the year. And those same sectors typically slow down for the first two or three months of the year. This is largely due to holiday shopping. Ag-based trucking can have similar swings in business. 

However, shipping and freight delivery is needed year-round, which means plenty of companies have consistent amounts of work from January to December. Even companies that operate within one season-based commodity will typically balance it with another season-based commodity. 

For the savvy and safe driver, there are always miles to be found. You simply need to be working for the right people. 

Offering Consistent Mileage and Routes to Our Drivers 

At Woodruff Enterprises, we do things a little differently. Whether you’re full time or part time, you can expect to receive consistent miles week after week. Our drivers have of good idea of what their schedule will look like throughout the month, which is fairly rare for our industry. 

On top of that, we offer competitive rates, performance incentives, paid time off, quality at home time, and more. 

With Woodruff, you’re more than just another driver. You’re a part of our family. For truck driving jobs from Chicago to Charlotte, we have openings. Click here to learn more. 

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