Why Truck Drivers Switch to Woodruff

In addition to an overall shortage in drivers, many trucking companies deal with high turnover rates. Sometimes, their drivers leave the industry completely. Other times, they simply switch to another company. 

Why do they switch? Generally, it’s due to a lack of satisfaction in their current job. Only about 50% of drivers are satisfied with their jobs. By comparison, about 85% of US workers across all industries are satisfied with their job. 

While some might assume this lack of satisfaction has to do with the amount of money they’re making, that’s often not the case. In fact, according to one large survey, payment was only the fifth most important factor in determining overall satisfaction. 

The highest priorities are having a family-oriented culture and offering quality time at home. That’s no surprise to us at Woodruff. In fact, those are two of the biggest reasons why we see drivers join our company. 

We Do Things Differently at Woodruff 

At Woodruff Enterprises, our drivers aren’t just a number on an employee sheet. They’re a part of the family, and we strive hard to treat them as such. That includes keeping them close to home. The majority of our drivers operate within a 500-mile radius, spending only one night away from home at a time.  

In addition to getting them home frequently between drives, we provide proper paid time off as well. 

Week to week, our drivers can expect the same consistent mileage, so they know what they’ll be earning. In fact, their routes generally stay the same, so they have a pretty set schedule overall. This allows our drivers to get in a rhythm and perform better. 

A better performance pays at Woodruff. We have driving and performance incentives available for those who meeting ongoing requirements. And of course, our payrates themselves are very competitive. 

Overall, drivers join Woodruff because we’re not just another trucking company. We really are a family. See for yourself. We currently have truck driving jobs available in Charlotte, Springfield, and more. Click here to apply. 

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