Protecting Yourself on the Road as a Trucker

As a truck driver, safety is your number one priority. While a lot of emphasis is placed on staying safe while operating your truck, it’s just as important to stay safe in between drives. Unfortunately, life on the road can come with certain dangers.  

Rest stops, gas stations, and overnight lots can be targeted by people with bad intentions. You need to stay safe, especially when you’re stopping somewhere you’re less familiar with. 

Staying Safe When Stopping for the Night 

The key is to be smart and stay on guard. That’s not to say you have to be paranoid whenever you’re parking someone for the night and/or taking a rest in your cab. But you need to consider the possibility that someone might try to break into your truck or your trailer. They might even try to rob you directly. 

Always be cautious when you’re in a rest area alone. If you hear suspicious noises, turn your lights on. Often, that’s enough to scare someone away. When you’re walking around, wearing reflective clothing can help protect you. 

Obviously, you should always keep your cab locked. Covering the windows can help a lot as well. Either way, you should never leave valuables in the open. 

If you ever feel like your safety is in question, try heading somewhere else. 

Can Truck Drivers Carry a Gun? 

Some truck drivers who legally own a gun and have a conceal and carry permit wonder if they can keep gun with them while driving. Most of the time, the answer is no. For starters, your license may not be valid in other states. Additionally, states have different laws about how guns need to be stored and transported. 

If you’re crossing borders, you could find yourself in violation of the law, and gun laws can come with serious penalties.  Lastly, many trucking companies simply do not allow their drivers to carry firearms while working. 

Learning some basic self-defense techniques certainly isn’t a bad idea, however. 

Knowing Where You’re Going 

An easier way to stay safe is to drive for a company that keeps you on regular routes. That way, you know where you’re going and where to stay. At Woodruff, we offer consistent mileage and regular routes for our drivers so they can develop a pretty standard schedule from week-to-week. 

Even better, you’ll mostly be operating within a 500-mile radius, so you’re never too far from home. 

If you want to drive for a company that keeps you safe and treats you like part of the family, apply to Woodruff Enterprises today. We have truck driver jobs available in Chicago, Charlotte, and more! 

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