Sleeping in Your Truck

It’s important for everyone to keep a healthy sleep schedule, especially truckersRegular sleep results in better sleep, which in turn makes you more alert, focused, and reactive. But for truck drivers, keeping a regular sleep schedule isn’t always a possibility. 

Sometimes, you need to get sleep when you can, and often, that’s in the back of your cab. While sleeping in a truck hundreds of miles away from home doesn’t sound very glamorous, it doesn’t have to be terrible. 

In fact, with a few adjustments, you can find yourself sleeping quite well inside of your vehicle.  

Make Sure Your Doors are Locked 

The first thing you should do is to make sure you’re safe and secure inside of your truck. It can be dangerous on the road, and sometimes, people might try to sneak inside of your truck, not realizing you’re inside. 

Always make sure that your doors are locked and an alarm is set. Not only will this keep you safe, but it will provide peace of mindallowing you to sleep better. 

Upgrade Your Bedding Area 

A little comfort never hurt anyone. In fact, it can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Don’t settle for a sleeping bag or a thinly padded floor mat. Put a decent mattress in the back of your truck. You can go further by adding some memory foam on top of it. 

Finally, purchase a nice pillow and make sure you have enough blankets to keep warm year-round. These simple investments make a big difference. 

Block Out Light 

Your body is designed to wake up when you see light. Even if your eyes are closed, the light can affect your sleep.  Make sure you have your windows blocked so that you can sleep in the dark.  

Also, try not to use your phone right before bed. If you need to, turn on night mode, which filters out harsh blue lights. 

Handling Noise 

Truck stops can be noisy areas, making it difficult to sleep. There are a few ways you can deal with the noise. Some drivers tune it out with white noise. Others do better with earplugs, though if you’re in a questionable area, you might not want to completely block out the noise from outside. 

Sleeping at Home More Often 

Keeping a regular schedule in most trucking jobs can be difficult. When you are home in the comfort of your own bed, it can be a struggle to fall asleep at a normal time. Your body just isn’t used to the routine. 

At Woodruff Enterprises, we do things a little differently. Our drivers operate predominately in a 500-mile radius, keeping fairly regular routes and schedules. 

This means they stay in a natural rhythm, enjoying more time at home and fewer nights in the back of a cab. If you’re interested in joining the team, contact us today. We currently have truck driving jobs available in Springfield, Ohio, along with other select cities. 

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