Millennials and Truck Driving

The job industry is experiencing a lot of shake up at the moment. 

As we mentioned in our previous post, the outbreak of COVID-19 is having a unique effect on trucking. While some companies and subsects within the industry are experiencing shortages and a lack of miles, others are seeing a surge in work, making them desperate for new drivers. 

The trucking industry has long experienced a shortage of drivers, and now is no different. Though we don’t know what will happen in the months ahead, it’s fairly certain that items will continue to be shipped across the country. 

That means truckers are still needed, and with the ongoing shortage of truckers, there are plenty of opportunities to be had. The question is, who can fill the truck driver shortage. 

One large demographic that remains largely untapped is millennials.  

The Current State of Millennial Workers 

Millennials (people born between the early 80s and late 90s) haven’t had the easiest time transitioning into the workforce. Many had just graduated or were finishing up college at the peak of the recession. Good jobs were scarce. Meanwhile, those who went to college were likely under the pressure of crippling school debt. 

The rising cost of tuition had wildly outpaced general inflation since their parents were college ageleaving them in a much different situation. The general cost of living, particularly the cost of buying a home, was also much higher.  

Even now, over half of millennials are underemployed and still carrying student debt. About two-third rent the place they live in, with most saying they don’t own a home because they can’t afford one. Ultimately, around 62% of millennials work paycheck to paycheck. 

While millennials have generally been deemed safe from the worst effects of COVID-19, they’re being seriously impacted by the economic problems it has been causing. 

COVID-19 has resulted in the shutdown of restaurants, bars, breweries, salons, and more, many of which have staffs largely made up of millennials. As office-based businesses and larger companies start to feel the pinch, it’s likely that lower and mid-level employees will be the first to go. These positions are mostly filled by millennials as well. 

With so much uncertainty, not to the mention the fact that many millennials are unhappy with the jobs they currently have, it’s a great time for millennials to look elsewhere. Specifically, the trucking industry. 

Truck Driving Is a Great Opportunity for Millennial Workers 

If you’re a millennial, it’s likely you were told any number of myths about truck driving that simply aren’t true. It’s also worth mentioning that the truck driving industry looks very different than it did 20 years ago. 

Today, trucking provides you with the opportunity to explore the open world and see the countrysideYou largely manage yourself as you move from point A to point B utilizing cutting edge equipment and software 

Technology integration has become increasingly prevalent in the industry, allowing you to work with new tools, devices, and programs. Don’t worry though, we’re still a long way off from the possibility of automated drivers replacing real truckers 

If you like venturing out, managing yourself, earning very good money, working with technology, and contributing something bigger than yourself, then trucking is a great career choice. 

While truckers need to be trained and educated properly, doing so is a surprisingly quick and affordable process. In a few weeks/months, for a few thousand dollars, you could be ready to hit the road and start earning a great income. 

Just know that all trucking jobs aren’t the same. The pay, benefits, and general treatment you receive can vary greatly from company to company. 

At Woodruff Enterprises, we’re a bit unique in the trucking world. We’re a family run business that strives to treat our drivers like one of our own. We make sure they receive a good salary, performance incentives, paid time off, quality at-home time, and the respect they deserve.  

Most of our drivers operate in a 500 mile radius on regular routes, ensuring they’re never too far from home. Regardless of your age, if you’d like to join the Woodruff team, and you meet the necessary requirements, contact Woodruff Enterprises today! 

We’re currently offering truck driving jobs in Springfield, Ohio and more. 

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