How Coronavirus is Affecting the Trucking Industry

As you’re well aware, the world is facing a serious pandemic. While some industries are getting hit harder than others, we’re reaching a point where everyone is being affected by COVID-19. The trucking industry is no different, though it finds itself in a unique situation.  

In certain sections of freight and logistics, work is drying up as events are being cancelled, restaurants are shutting their doors, and people are staying in their homes. In other areas, however, the need for specific items and shipments is skyrocketing, leaving companies struggling to keep up with demand. 

As the situation continues to develop, it’s important for truck drivers to know what might lie ahead. The truth is, we don’t know how long the current quarantine and closings could last. And even once they’re over, there’s no telling what the long-term effects will be. 

For now, we can only focus on the present circumstances and the conditions that truck drivers face.  

Risks Facing Truck Drivers 

These days, most office workers can work from home with ease. Other jobs aren’t so lucky. People in the service industry are starting to get hit with statewide closures, though many restaurants are finding ways to adapt with takeout and delivery orders. 

For truck drivers, either you’re in your truck, hauling cargo somewhere, or you’re not working. Many are finding their usual hauls aren’t needed at the moment.  

Even truck drivers who have routes and miles available face exposure to COVID-19 as they cross state lines, interacting with a variety of people as they doThey’re in and out of public rest stops, which see diverse crowds from all over. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is very real for active truck drivers. 

What Can Truck Drivers Do? 

First and foremost, it’s important to stay calm. The government and other organizations are all working to adapt to this situation as best they can. Even now, relief funds and stimulus packages are being prepared to help those who find themselves short on money. 

Wherever you are, cleanliness is more important than it’s ever been. 

As simple as it seems, countless experts have said over and over that one of the best things you can do is to simply wash your hands. If you stop at a rest stop or gas station, thoroughly wash your hands. If you can get some hand sanitizer, keep it in your cab. Unfortunately, sanitizing materials be a bit hard to come by at the moment. 

Either way, keep the inside of your cab wiped down and clean. For older truck drivers, COVID-19 can be especially dangerous. Even if you’re younger and healthy, a lack of proper protocol could result in you infecting someone else.  

Don’t make physical contact with the people you interact with. This is a time where no-touch freight can be particularly beneficial to truck drivers.  If you’re sick, stay home. Now is a time where everyone is seeing just how important paid time off and sick leave is. 

At Woodruff Enterprises, we’ve always strived to treat our drivers as a true part of our family. That includes offering performance incentives and benefits such as PTO. All of our routes include no-touch freight, allowing you to just focus on simply driving. Drivers at Woodruff receive consistent mileage and typically have a driving radius of 500 miles or less. 

If you’re finding yourself struggling to get consistent miles, care, and opportunities in the current crisis, we have truck driving jobs available in Springfield, Ohio. Contact us today! 

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