It’s a Great Time for Women to Become Truck Drivers

There’s no denying that the trucking industry has heavily been skewed towards men for a long time. Even as more women began entering the workforce, many didn’t venture too far from home. But times are changing. 

While only about 6% of truck drivers are women, that percentage is steadily rising. With the shortage of drivers the trucking industry continues to experience, companies are making accommodations to be more inclusive for both younger drivers and female drivers. 

Size Doesn’t Matter 

If you’ve ever heard someone say that women are too small or weak to drive truck, that’s just ridiculous. First, women can be quite strong and tall. Second, people of all heights have been driving trucks for a long time.  

Tractor units are highly adjustable. Seats, steering wheels, and even pedals can be adjusted to suit your stature.  

As for physical demands, different jobs may have different requirements. Many companies operate under no touch freight, meaning you don’t have to worry about helping load and unload the truck. Still, you never know what you might run into out there. You should be able to lift up to 75lbs. 

Though you will spend a lot of time sitting, you will need a certain degree of mobility to move around, climb into trailers, undo tarps, etc. 

Trucking Culture is Changing 

The industry of truck driving is changing, not just for women, but for everyone involved. As the need for truck drivers has grown, opportunities, compensation, and benefits have grown with it. Companies have become more aware of the need for PTO and quality at-home time. 

Meanwhile, technological advances have helped increase safety, streamlined procedures, and reduced downtime. Though some fear that automated vehicles will replace actual drivers, this is not the case. At least, not for the foreseeable future. 

Instead, as the industry continues to evolve, many truck drivers could find themselves in more of an operational, logistics-driven role. 

All this to say, it’s a great time to become a truck driver, whether you’re male or female. 

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