Maintaining a Healthy Work/Life Balance as a Truck Driver with a Family

Work-life balance is something people struggle with in many jobs across the many industries. When you’re trying to provide for those you care about, it’s easy to get caught up in long hours. But when your job physically takes you away from your home, it can become even more difficult to find time for family. 

For millennials, this has been a top concern when considering careers in industries like truck driving. In a recent survey, 64% of workers placed work-life balance as the most important factor in determining job satisfaction.  

Is it possible for a truck driver to maintain this balance? Absolutely. But you have to be intentional. 

Staying Connected 

We have more ways than ever to stay connected with those we care about. When you’re out and away from home, make sure you’re taking the time to make phone calls home. Better yet, do a video call (just not while you’re driving).  

When you’re thinking about one of your family members (and you’re not driving), send them a quick text. Follow your kids on social media. Find out their preferred method of communication and try it out, even if you don’t quite understand it. 

Kids appreciate the effort more than you know. 

Let Your Family Know Your Schedule 

Truck driving schedules aren’t always consistent, and the best time to call you one day might not be the same the next. Keeping friends and family members up-to-date with your schedule can help a lot with communication matters.  

One easy way is to have a shared calendar, such as a Google calendar, where you can place your schedule every week. That way, everyone can see when you’ll be gone, when you’ll be home, and when you have some downtime. 

Take Care of Yourself 

Work-life balance isn’t just about making sure you see your family. It’s also about looking after your own needs. Make sure to check out our previous post about staying healthy as a truck driver

Get rest. Be mindful of what you eat. Stretch and walk around when you have downtime. The condition of your physical body has a big impact on your mind and emotions. 

Find a Company That Commits to Quality Home Time 

Not all truck driving companies have the same priorities when it comes to their employees. Some provide inconsistent hours, long treks far away from home, and brutal deadlines. 

At Woodruff, we place extra emphasis on the well-being of our employees. Yes, we have deadlines to make just like any other trucking company, but we also understand that the best employees are happy employees. 

That’s why we prioritize paid time off and quality at-home time for our drivers. 

If you’re interested in truck driving, but you’re worried about maintaining a health life balance, we’d love to show you how we’re different. Make sure to check out our careers page here. We have truck driving jobs in Chicago and other major cities across the US. 

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