How Long Should You Stay with Your First Trucking Company?

The first year of any job can be filled with a lot of emotions. On one end, you’re excited about the new opportunities and the possibilities that lie ahead. On the other hand, you may feel frustrated and anxious with the learning process and entry level responsibilities.  

Trucking is no different. 

First time trucking jobs aren’t generally the most prestigious or best paying. However, they serve a vital purpose. There’s still a lot to learn during your first year or two of trucking. While trucking school is designed to prepare you for the role, some things can only be learned and understood once you’re driving actual routes by yourself. 

And many of the better trucking jobs won’t become available until you’ve had some actual experience. 

It’s Important to Be Patient 

The trucking lifestyle can take some getting used to as you learn to maintain control in traffic and construction, take care of your health on the roaddiscover ways to pass time, etc. Switching companies too quickly can setback this learning process, forcing you to relearn the unique processes and routes of a new company. 

Instead of focusing on the benefits or pay that could come with the next driving job, think about the skills and experience you’ll need to get a better trucking job. The exact amount of time that takes can vary, depending on how fast you develop and what other companies are looking for. 

Most people in the industry will recommend you stay with your first company at least a year, as long as it’s a healthy and stable environment. During that time, check and see what other trucking companies are looking for, and then focus on developing those things.  

At Woodruff, we require at least 2 years of current and verifiable Class A CDL driving experience, along with a clean driving record. You can see our full requirement hereIn return, we provide a fairly unique experience as a trucking employer. 

The majority of our drivers work within a 500-mile radius, keeping regular routes that only keep them away from home one night at a time. With Woodruff, you can expect performance incentives, paid vacation, no touch freight, and more. We always strive to treat our drivers like part of the family, rather than a number on the employment sheet. 

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, we’re currently wanting truck drivers in Springfield, Ohio. Click here to get started. 

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