How to Pass the Time as a Truck Driver on the Road

Truck driving offers many great opportunities. Pay is competitive, incentives and bonuses are attainable, and there are a lot of openings available. That said, it’s not for everyone. It involves being in a truck by yourself for hours on end. Yes, your dispatch operator is within reach, but they’re typically quite busy. 

For many people, this isn’t a problem. If you like driving, and you don’t mind quiet alone time, then driving a truck around the country is a great fit for you. Still, there are days when the hours can get a little long, and even the most self-entertaining person can feel bored. 

That’s why we’ve put together some tips gathered from professional drivers on how to make your work-time move along at a brisk pace.  

Discovering New Music 

It can be tempting to listen to the same things over and over again, but thanks to platforms like Spotify, discovering near-infinite amounts of new music has never been simpler. You can gather recommendations from friends, create “radio stations” based off artists or albums you love, or click a genre and see what pops up. 

Not only will time move along quicker, but you just might discover your new favorite artist. 

Audio Books 

Reading is something a lot of people struggle to make time for. As a truck driver, however, you have plenty of time to listen. Many drivers dive into audio books, learning about new subjects, experiencing new stories, and keeping themselves entertained. 

And when you’re at a rest stop for the night, a good old-fashioned paper book can still be a great thing to have a long. 

Furthering Your Education 

It’s not uncommon for people to drive truck while finishing some sort of post-secondary school. Online school is perfect for someone on the road. When you’re at a stop in between driving sessions, you can hop online and check your course-work. If you can get your text books in audio form, you can even listen to them on the road. 


This should go without saying, but some drivers fall into a habit of thinking sleep is overrated when you’re on a job. This is a massive mistake. Always make sure you’re getting the proper amount of sleep, or you could become a danger to yourself and those around you. 

Don’t Ever Compromise Your Attention 

Different people get distracted by different things. If you enjoy books on tape, but you find yourself getting so into a story that you take your attention off the road, then it’s best to keep it off. Whatever you might be listening to or thinking about, make sure it’s not hindering your focus in any way. 

Truck drivers must always be aware of their surroundings, so they can react immediately.  

Also, be careful with talking on the phone while driving. As a truck driver, utilizing your phone with your hands is illegal. Using a Bluetooth headset may be permitted, depending on the rules of the company you’re driving for. However, even if it is allowed, be smart about when you’re having conversations on the road. You’ll have plenty of time to make calls when you reach your next stop. 

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