Dealing with the Truck Parking Shortage

A lot has been said about the mass shortage of drivers facing the trucking industry. While this has put a lot of pressure on trucking companies, it also provides a lot of great opportunities for truck drivers. But there is another shortage plaguing the industry that’s causing serious problems for both drivers and their employers. 

We’re talking about the shortage of parking for semis. 

Anyone who drives a car has likely been in a situation where they’ve struggled to find a good parking spot, but for truck drivers, the situation goes beyond an inconvenienceit’s a full-on crisis. A survey by the American Transpiration Research Institute named parking as one of the biggest issues that drivers face. 

Many parking lots simply aren’t equipped to fit an entire tractor trailer. Those that are capable are quickly filled up. There are an estimated 300,000 parking spots available for truck drivers. That doesn’t even cover 10% of the 3.5 million truck drivers in the US. 

Drivers are forced to park in unmonitored and often illegal spots. Not only can this result in a ticket, but it can put the safety of the driver at risk. The struggle for finding parking ultimately results in an average of $4600 in lost wages per driver per year. 

What Can Be Done? 

Though truck parking has been a problem for quite some time, improvements have been slow going. Trucking companies and affiliated organizations are pushing states for easier access to more spaces. In 2012, legislation known as Jason’s Law with the purpose of increasing safe parking areas for truck drivers. 

The law was named after Jason Rivenburg, a truck driver who was killed in his truck after parking in an unsafe location for the night. 

While we continue to wait for more parking options, there is technology available that makes it easier to find what spots are available. Apps like Trucker Path and Park My Truck are designed to local and guide truck drivers to open parking spots. These apps can be found in your respective app store and downloaded to a phone or smart device. 

Knowing Where You’re Going 

Many truck drivers struggle to find parking due to how often their routes change. While many accept this as the nature of the trade, it doesn’t have to be. At Woodruff Enterprises, we do things a little differently. In addition to consistent mileage, our truck drivers enjoy consistent routes within a 500-mile radius. 

Not only does this mean they’re typically only away for a night at a time, but it helps them know where they can park ahead of time.  

This is just one of the many perks that comes with being a part of the Woodruff team. If you’d like to learn more about our trucking jobs available in Springfield, Ohioclick here. 

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