Finding a Place to Eat as a Truck Driver

Eating healthy as a truck driver isn’t always easyDepending on where your route takes you, finding a place to eat that isn’t a gas station or a vending machine can be difficult. One of the best things a driver can do is to plan ahead and bring food with them when they hit the road. Not only is this generally healthier and cheaper, but it removes the stress of constantly finding places to eat. 

Still, sometimes you need something a bit heartier than what you can keep in your cabOther timesyou may forget to bring food. Either way, you need to eat, which means a restaurant needs to be found, and that can be tricky, especially as of late. 

With the outbreak of COVID-19, truck drivers have found their meal options to be limited even furtherIt’s rare to find a drive-thru that supports semis, and many sit-down restaurants are doing either takeout and/or delivery only. Some places have simply had to close down altogether. 

However, there have been select locales that have adapted and even offered options specifically for truck drivers. Additionally, many states have allowed food truck vendors to operate at rest stops. This has provided much needed access to quality food for truck drivers and travelers across the country. 

Of course, its not always easy to know in advance which places offer this and where they are. 

Planning Ahead 

Once again, the best strategy is to ultimately plan ahead, even if you’re getting food on the road. Look at the places available on your route. Try and ask other drivers who have gone on similar routes. Consider ordering take-out in advance that can be ready by the time you roll-in. 

All of this can greatly reduce the stress of finding a good meal. 

Another thing that can help significantly is having a trucking job that keeps you on consistent routes. That way, you can learn what’s available and know for next time. At Woodruff Enterprises, we not only provide our drivers with consistent mileage, but we keep them on fairly similar schedules from week to week. 

This mean you not only know when you’ll be working but where you’ll be going.  

As a driver for Woodruff, it’s much easier to plan ahead. On top of that, we offer competitive pay, paid time off, quality at-home time, and more! If you’re looking for a better trucking job in Springfield, Ohio, consider joining the Woodruff team.  

Full details can be found here. 

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