Coronavirus Tips for Truck Drivers

Though things are starting to slowly reopen across the US, the presence of COVID-19 is still something to take seriously. There are no vaccines or specific treatment options available, which means if you contract it, you mostly have to let it run its course. For those with pre-existing health conditions, as well as older individuals, this can ultimately prove fatal. 

With the number of health issues many truck drivers face, and with the average age of truck drivers being 49 years old, COVID-19 poses a serious threat to much of the trucking workforce. However, by following recommending protocols and actively protecting yourself, you can stay safe while continuing to operate on the open road. 

Wash Your Hands 

One of the most effective ways to stop the spread of COVID-19 is also the simplest: wash your hands thoroughly and regularly for at least 20 seconds at a timeIt’s especially important to wash your hands before eating or after touching any public surfaces. You should also do your best to avoid touching your face, eyes, and mouth. 

Obviously, you’re not always going to have a sink and soap next to you. That’s why hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is a great thing to keep in your truck as well. Try to sanitize your hands any time you’re getting back into your truck. 

Sanitize Your Truck 

Speaking of your truck, it’s important to keep the inside of that clean as well. Use some Lysol wipes or disinfectant spray to periodically clean the dash, seats, handles, buttons, steering wheel, etc. Even if everything looks clean, there could be contaminants on the surface, waiting to get into your body. 

Keep Your Distance 

As a truck driver, much of your time is obviously spent alone in your truck. When you are around people, however, make sure to keep your distance. COVID-19 can be asymptomatic, so even if someone appears to be healthy, they could be carrying it. Alternatively, you could be carrying it without knowing it. 

Keeping 6 feet apart from other people can greatly reduce the chances of the disease spreading. 

Wear a Face Mask 

You don’t have to worry about wearing a mask when you’re alone in your truck. When you’re around others, however, wearing a mask can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. While it doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch it, it can help reduce the chances.  

More importantly, it prevents you from spreading it to others, if you have it. Once again, you could have COVID-19 and not know it. 

Check Your Temperature  

The most identifiable symptom of COVID-19 is a fever. Having a fever doesn’t necessarily mean you have COVID-19, but it’s best to be safe. If you are feeling any sort of fever or flu like symptoms, it’s in the best interest of everyone for you to stay home. Isolate yourself and focus on getting well. Speak with a doctor, and if possible, try and get tested. 

This is not a time to try and work through your sickness. Even if you’re not at-risk for COVID-19, you could spread it to someone who is. Be smart. Be safe.  

We know that you have bills and expenses that need to be paid. This is why it’s important to find a trucking job that offers paid time-off, sick leave, etc.  

Now is a Great Time to Have No-Touch Freight 

COVID-19 can live on surfaces for anywhere from 1-7 days. That means it could be on the very cargo you’re hauling in your truck. If you’re responsible for helping load and unload freight, you could contract it from the surface of the objects you’re taking in and out of your truck. 

This is yet another reason why no-touch freight is such a great thing for truck drivers. 

No-touch freight lets you to focus on simply driving, while allowing you to maintain a safe distance from the people around you. 

At Woodruff Enterprises, our trucking jobs are always no-touch freight. We also offer paid time-off to our drivers, along with numerous other benefits, so if you need to take time off, you can. If you’re looking for a trucking company that takes care of you and views you as more than a number, consider joining the Woodruff team. 

We’re currently offering trucking jobs in Springfield, Ohio. 

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