Celebrating the Holidays as a Truck Driver

While the majority of people will work at some point during the week of Christmas, many people expect to get the actual day off. There are, however, certain jobs that simply can’t stop, even for the most celebrated holiday in the country. 

One of those jobs is truck driving. 

The truth is, truck drivers are a large part of what makes the holiday season happen, delivering the food and gifts we all enjoy during this time of year. They deserve to enjoy the holiday as much as anyone else, and we believe that’s completely possible, even if you’re out on the road on December 25. 

Enjoy it In Your Own Way 

For those who find themselves in a cab on Christmas day, there’s still joy and merriment that can be had. Try putting on some Christmas tunes. Hang some décor around your cab. Maybe you can even put an ugly Christmas sweater on as you drive. 

One upside you can look forward to is emptier roads, rest stops, and gas stations.  

Use Technology to Your Advantage 

Just because you’re not physically around your friends and family doesn’t mean you can’t share the holiday with them. Give a call to your loved ones. If your family is doing gifts without you, try and plan out a Skype or Facetime call so you can be present for it. 

With today’s technology, there are a lot of ways you can keep connected from a distance. 

Celebrate it When You Can 

There’s no rule that says Christmas has to be celebrated on December 25. Plenty of people celebrate the season on the day that works best for them and their families. Try to plan ahead as best you can so your family will know when you’re available. 

From there, you can prepare for your holiday accordingly. Remember, it’s not about the day of the week you’re celebrating on. It’s about the reason you’re celebrating and who you are celebrating with. 

Find a Trucking Job That Values at Home Time 

Are you working a trucking job that makes it hard to stay home at all during the holidays? Maybe it’s time for a change. Consider finding a trucking company that values drivers as part of their family and strives to provide adequate at home time not just on Christmas, but all year around. 

That’s what we do here at Woodruff Enterprises. 

Our drivers and their families are important to us, and we want to make sure they can enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. We currently have trucking jobs available in Springfield, Ohio and other select cities.  

Apply today! 

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