Can I Become a Truck Driver Online?

With the current COVID-19 outbreak shutting down schools almost everywhere, people are utilizing a variety of online platforms and tools to complete their education. Virtual education has long been a growing area, especially as more people look for alternatives to attending a 4-year college in person. 

If you’ve been considering becoming a truck driver, you’re likely wondering if you can do so online. The short answer is no 

You Can’t Become Licensed Online 

In order to operate a tractor and trailer, you’ll need to earn a Class A CDL. This requires passing a CDL examJust like with a normal driver’s license, this will need to be done through a local DMV. You will submit the necessary paperwork to the DMV and take a written test in person. 

Before you can do that, however, you’ll need to complete truck driving school.  

While there are a few states that allow you to earn a CDL without completing truck driving school, most trucking companies will require it. In other words, you should plan on going to truck driving school. 

Can I Take Online Trucking School? 

Unfortunately, your truck driving education will need to take place at a physical location as well. Learning to become a truck driver requires hands-on learning. The main priorities of truck driving school are teaching safety and proper operating techniques. 

This is something that simply cannot be done virtually. While some trucking schools might employ virtual truck simulators for part of the education process, eventually, you need to get behind the wheel of an actual semi. 

What Can I Do Online? 

While you can’t take trucking school online, nor can you earn your CDL online, there are still learning opportunities available. 

With a quick search, you’ll find plenty of online learning resources and prep courses. Free practice CDL exam are widely available, allowing you to take a test that’s nearly identical to the actual test you’ll need to pass in order to earn your CDL. 

This will help you pass your CDL exam the first time around, saving you time and money. 

Additionally, there are many great videos and articles shared by truck driving experts detailing what to expect on the open road. If you’re planning to become a truck driver, but you’re unable to attend school due to the current COVID-19 quarantine, you can still start learning. 

Do what you can now so that when this is over, you’ll be able to get through school, pass your test, and start driving as soon as possible. 

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